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Omis Sud Service offers quality services oriented towards customer satisfaction, an important value that is the basis of our business.

Our emergency services, as well as our telephone helpline, are designed to solve our customers’ daily problems.

Omis Sud service: put yourselves into safe hands!


The structure of a crane is generally more resistant than its single mechanical and electrical parts: these machines, therefore, require assessments of their condition and whether they conform to safety regulations.

A revamping or modernizing project consists of several sequential and necessary steps: survey and analysis of the machine’s structure, ensuring that parts are still able to function correctly as per their initial purpose, planning the dismantling and disposal of the most obsolete components, assembling the new parts after verifying their compatibility with the existing ones, carrying out no-load tests and finally, testing the machine.

We also have experience in resizing the dimensions of existing machinery; we will provide project feasibility evaluations and guidance throughout the administrative process.

Do not look for a "band-aid" solution: for your safety and that of your personnel, let us lead you in the risk-evaluation process, having dedicated our resources and equipment to this field for decades!

All work equipment must be maintained in order to comply with legal obligations, but this cannot and must not be only understood as a bureaucratic compliance.

A maintenance plan, in addition to ensuring the safety of operators, consents maximum efficiency of machines and impact on production activities. Further, acting prior to the onset of predictable failures minimizes downtime or at the least, allows for more convenient work-planning.

We carry out thousands of scheduled maintenance services on bridge and jib cranes, gantry cranes, hoists, winches and monorails of any brand and load capacity: put your faith in us to reduce your burden!

modifiche e revamping

With the aid of our service teams and equipped vans, Omis Sud Service has experience in planning, studying risk and time management, to assemble, dismantle and transfer any type of crane; we have assembled thousands of bridge cranes, gantry cranes, monorails and jib cranes.

Our technical department is always available to assist clients remotely, helping to find solutions to problems promptly and professionally.



In scheduled inspections and during testing, proof load testing represents a fundamental step in assessing the condition of machinery; weights of increasing mass are applied gradually, and then maximum deflection or deformation is measured, checking that the latter is within mandatory limits as per current legislation.

As these are critical and important phases, it is essential to rely on qualified and competent companies that can guarantee a professional service in a safe environment.

Omis Sud Service is specialized in this activity as well, performing load testing both for large load lifting machines, with special water weight bags, and for more "standard" ones, with the use of sample masses.

Our technical department is always available to guide you in the modalities and

required times needed for the exact proof load testing of the machines.

Omis Sud Service’s technical department is able to provide engineering services in the field of bridge cranes, gantry cranes, jib and bracket-mounted cranes, and monorails from the preliminary design stage to the inspection of machines, their components and structures.

Call us for free advice!

The regulation D. Lgs. n. 81/2008 requires mandatory training courses for operators to ensure correct use of work equipment, including lifting machinery (bridge cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, monorails).

Omis Sud Service’s training program is designed to meet to your company’s specific needs, so that all operators are adequately informed and trained to use lifting systems safely and in compliance with UNI ISO 9926-1.

Calculating the residual life of a lifting device has become mandatory by regional authorities in recent years and can be carried out only by approved inspectors; inspections are constantly increasing given the critical issues associated with these interventions.

In reality, this type of activity has always been overseen by crane manufacturers through including it in their manuals as a special revision to be undertaken every ten years; this is the premise of FEM 9.755, a regulation critical for the planning and testing of lifting mechanisms every ten years.

In the world of fixed cranes (bridge cranes, jib cranes, etc.), some confusion was caused by the Ministerial Decree of 11 April 2011, specifically in Annex II, paragraph 2, point c) “Additional survey - Activity aimed at identifying any defects, faults or anomalies, determined by the fatigue life of work equipment used for over 20 years, as well as to establish the residual life of machinery that can still operate safely possibly with new nominal load capacities.”

In the M.D., these activities apply to mobile and transferable cranes, as well as to elevating work platforms (EWP), as better clarified in the Ministry of Labour Circular n. 18 of 23/05/13. For fixed cranes, however, mandatory residual life assessment inspections are defined by the manufacturers of fixed cranes, as also confirmed by the Health and Safety at Work Act (D.Lgs. n.81/2008) in paragraph 8 of Art. 71.

Omis Sud Service, as a leading company on the Italian scene, with thousands of ten-year inspections carried out in recent years, offers targeted solutions for any brand and crane model.

This additional investigation, involving detailed calculations and on-site surveys, must be carried out only by those companies with proven experience, which have qualified technicians and engineers, as defined in paragraphs 5.2.1 and 5.2.2 of UNI ISO 9927-1.

For this reason, Omis Sud Service has trained its personnel in the use the best Non-Destructive Testing methods: for over ten years we have carried out Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Magneto-Inductive Rope Testing (MRT), Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) as well as more sophisticated assessments, such as Ultrasonic Testing (UT).

Our technical department is always available to ensure our customers’ safety at work; as this investigation is critical, it is crucial to rely on those with proven experience in design, construction and maintenance of cranes.

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