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Load handling safety depends on the condition of the individual components involved in lifting; in each operation, ropes and chains are the first elements that must be inspected as they are subject to maximum stresses.

Omis Sud Service is a leading company in supplying first quality ropes and chains, meeting all current safety standards.

The available range covers all possible needs, from steel ropes for general applications to non-rotating ones to stainless steel ropes; our wide range is fully complemented with spare hoist chains of any type and length.

We remind you that ropes and chains are subject to mandatory quarterly maintenance by law.

Contact us for a customized supply or maintenance service.

Moving a component or material often requires the use of a flexible element connected to the crane’s hook; slings and lifting accessories perform this task allowing efficient and safe work.

Omis Sud Service has certified accessories for requirements such as round slings, wire rope slings with hand spliced eyes, with buttonholes or with thimbles, or slings with hooks, with spelter or swage sockets.

Accessories can be provided in different lengths and capacities: colour-coding is used to ease the choice depending on the weight to be lifted.

We remind you that, as lifting accessories, lifting accessories are subject to mandatory quarterly maintenance by law.

Contact us for a customized supply or maintenance service.

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Omis Sud Service has a fully stocked warehouse of spare parts for lifting systems; quality and variety of items and accessories is constantly updated, solving problems and limiting downtime.

Products’ range includes mechanical components such as brakes, pulleys and gearboxes, electrical components such as connectors, limit switches, cables and festoons track systems up to the more sophisticated electronic components such as inverters.

Supplies of spare parts include all fixed lifting equipment, from standard cranes to gantry cranes, from jib cranes to monorails.

In more extreme cases, if replacements are no longer available, we can rebuild components after appropriate field surveys.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a supply or for free advice on which spare part needs to be installed on your machines.

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