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Jib cranes are machines for handling small loads, characterized by a rotating jib or boom under which a hoist trolley is manoeuvred. The rotations can be manual or electric, with light or heavy duty steel booms.

Depending on their structure, we can differentiate them into column-mounted cranes or bracket-mounted cranes. Omis Sud Service guarantees quality, reliability and safety for any type, being able to provide standard jib cranes or on customized designs.

We will provide you with the best solution that fits your work environment.


Monorails, also considered as straightforward linear point-to-point cranes, are machines characterized by the absence of a main bridge: the lifting activity is carried out by a hoist trolley that translates suspended from the structure.

As in the case of hoists, also monorails must meet quality product standards in order to be considered industrial and professional work machines.

Omis Sud Service offers monorails sold individually or as an integral part of existing cranes, sized for the required load capacity following inspection from our technical department: whether straight or curved, we will find the ideal solution.


Hoists are the easiest system to use for lifting materials, through the use of ropes, chains or tie rods, which in turn are connected with special hooks.

To ensure the maximum reliability of an industrial product, the quality of hoists must be guaranteed and certified as safe when operating in any situation.

Omis Sud Service offers a wide and constantly updated range of lifting hoists designed to meet all requests and needs.

We have electric, manual and air chain hoists, with and without trolleys, both rope and chain and with the option of specific classification for hazardous and dangerous areas.

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