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Between the hook and the material to be moved, a system or an additional element that can improve stability and precision is often used for optimal lifting; lifting beams and lifting clamps are designed to meet these needs.

Our wide product range adapts perfectly with all of today’s market appliances; contact us to have a customized solution aimed at problem solving or improving your system’s safety.

Rotating and balancing loads will no longer be a problem; we can offer lifting beams and lifting clamps of the highest quality of all shapes and sizes. We are specialized in standard lifting beams, X beams, H shaped and with suction cups, mechanical and motorized lifting clamps, magnetic grippers traverses, grippers for coils, "C" hooks for coils and laminated hooks for paper mills.

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Radio control is the only practical solution that allows the operator to move freely around the machine; the absence of a connection via the traditional cable allows safer and easier work.

These transmitting and receiving units are necessary when the type of operation does not allow proximity of the operator to the load.

Remote controls can be coded with a unique frequency to prevent interference with any other apparatus in the same work area.

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sistemi di pesatura

When moving loads it is useful and sometimes necessary to know the weight that is being lifted in real time.  

To solve weighing problems, Omis Sud Service provides accurate and reliable solutions that can be applied to existing equipment: systems installed on the trolley or applied directly to the hook, powered with rechargeable batteries.

These systems can be supplied with accessories such as thermal shields, hook bindings, remote weight transmission, via radio.

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